Exhibition – The Farewell

Exhibition – The Farewell
(it will never be the same)


I visualize the market at Kypseli as a “ship” which by all the fast embankments and constructions has been left behind at the “ex-harbor” of Kypseli.
It seems to me, as an ark of products and people standing still, isolated, inside the city of Kypseli. I can see the orchestra at the central hold playing, inside the unsinkable but worn out hull offering some breaths of survival.
It is the one and only ship where its visitors have the ability to watch it from all sides.


Nowadays the public wellbeing submits under the so-called private initiative.
Even the public areas have become a field of exercising violence under the state’s authority. Citizens, by themselves, often find it hard to get in contact, to discourse, to copulate.
The state drives us in private spaces where a fee is obligatory in order to participate. Even there though, the touch is prohibited or includes dangers.
Theater is in our country is usually limited inside small buildings, mainly what we call Italic scenes.
Actors submit their corporal expression driven mainly into psychological happenings, as well as, the sound of their own voice following the television’s trend in speech or pose.
Under these terms there is no meaning in our private life without its public character.
Therefore anything that keeps mainly fertile the public speech, public action, public space, is obviously political. Furthermore it seems to be the only thing that can give meaning at the theater’s existence, nowadays.
Theater can be described as a constant, revolutionary reconstruction of what we live in the present, or what comes in the future.
Every different era has its own kind of theater, its own kind of authority, and political conciliation creating its own structure.


Therefore I am suggesting the creation of a theatrical happening which partly will be rehearsed and formed at the Kypseli’s market utilizing the shop windows parametrical to the market, the inner center and the underground space.


During this action I suggest the participation of several groups:
Actors who will perform at the shop windows and the basement or they will improvise.
I also suggest the up-to date, one-act by Brecht from the play “Terror and misery at the Third Reich” or a text which can be contributed by a member of the group.
At the beginning of this action I suggest the monologue by Gorgias for Fair Helen.
Another group, the dancers, who will also perform at the shop windows and the near by streets under specific choreography or improvising.
Painters and musicians can also contribute in forming other groups.


The realization of this action can be achieved with the help of team members or other volunteers –artists or not.
Also can be used videos, photos, projections, hardware, software, sounds, etc.
The lighting inside the shop windows will be produced of fluorescence lamps and outside by flashlights or other minimal source of light.


Our action outside the obvious artistic target has the intention to convert the market at Kypseli in an unconventional canvas of activities and functions.
It will help the creation of a malleable, maybe, chaotic but surely familiar urban scenery at the center of Athens.

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